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GWM is a world-renowned vehicle manufacturer. With a sales presence in over 60 countries, GWM is the no.1 seller of Pickup trucks in the world’s largest market. GWM is proud to produce vehicles of the highest quality which deliver innovation and value all around the globe.

Kedron GWM Haval


Born tough, built smart, the all-new GWM Ute has the strength to tackle hard jobs plus the luxury and technology needed for weekends away. A truly versatile vehicle with all the innovation and value the modern world demands.

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Kedron GWM Haval

GWM Steed

Tough, reliable and no nonsense. The single-cab GWM Steed comes with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Built to take on tough jobs without fuss, leaving you with more time on your hands and money in your pocket.

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